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Nick Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO of SQWAD rejoins the podcast to discuss the current state of the digital space, sponsorship activations and fan engagement.  With much to cover, we split this conversation into two episodes.  Listen to the first episode here.

In part two, we jump back into the conversation with David Millay and Nick discussing the problems with sponsorship and the deep dive that SQWAD has done to solve them.  This episode features strategies and tactics to help organizations and sponsors develop successful campaigns that meet the four steps of awareness, engagement, action and retargeting.  

Show Notes

0:00   Introduction

2:00   The Problems with Sponsorship

6:34   Best Practices in Sponsorship Retargeting

16:02  Cracking YouTube for Views

21:33  Building Fans Through YouTube Highlights

24:36  Engaging Sponsors in NFTs

30:24  Repurposing Stadiums into Digital Playgrounds

34:16  Connecting with Fans Outside of the Stands

37:34  Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality


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