Customer Journey Mapping

Improve Your Fan Experience


How well do you understand your fans’ behaviors, desires and frustrations? Are you constantly re-evaluating all touchpoints in your fans’ journey to identify shortcomings and pain points?

From our Disney background and deep experience working with college athletics departments and sports & entertainment organizations, EngageMint recognized an industry wide need to create a better blueprint for the fan experience.

Enter Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is a visualization technique that enables your team to see all interactions customers have across different touchpoints. Journey mapping identifies pain points and improves the customer experience on a global or targeted scale.

Use Cases for Journey Maps in College Athletics: 

  • Launch a new season ticket membership program

  • Ideate or improve your football fan fest / street festival

  • Increase mobile app downloads and retain active users

Research from the Aberdeen Group indicates organizations that leverage journey maps drive top- and bottom-line value, including 200 percent greater employee engagement and 350 percent more revenue from customer referrals.

Challenges Journey Maps Can Solve

Fragmented Understanding of
Fans’ Emotions

80% of firms believed they deliver a superior experience to customers, whilst only 8% of their customers agreed.

At Disney, one of the most frequently asked questions in the Parks was, “What time is the three o’clock parade?” It was a constant reminder that even though the information was clear to us, our Guests felt differently. Disney trains its staff to put themselves in the shoes of the customers and answer questions with empathy. Leaders have to first understand how Guests feel at each touchpoint along the journey.  

The journey mapping process begins with studying the goals and motivations of your customers.  We’ll uncover their true emotions, from the ticket renewal process to their experience in the parking lot, fan fest and overall game day. 

Departments Working in Silos

27% of senior executives across the globe attribute department silos as the number one obstacle standing in their way of improving the customer service in their organization.

Rather than one team “selling the dream” and another “servicing the nightmare”, customer journey mapping prevents miscommunication in the handoff by bringing teams together in the planning phases. 

We facilitate working sessions and collaborate with people from across the organization, enabling team members to understand how their decisions impact other departments, how the unified effort impacts the fan, and how the fan’s experience impacts the bottom line.

Operational Inefficiencies &
Resource Allocation

International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that companies lose 20 - 30% of its revenue every year due to operational inefficiencies managing money, time, work quality, risk and strategy.

When every phase of the customer experience is laid out next to one another, we can visually identify areas of highest impact on a fans’ overall experience, the effort for staff to deliver on those steps and how important they are on a fans’ likelihood to return or recommend attending an event again.

We infuse idea testing frameworks and feasibility strategies utilized at Disney to prioritize decisions and appropriately allocate resources, including budget, human capital or time.

This process can be used to identify hassles in a fan’s overarching experience with your brand, or specific mini-journeys, i.e. attending a game or renewing season tickets.  

Need Help Getting Your Journey Map Off The Ground?

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