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OUr Mission

shift organizations from profits focused to people focused

From our experience as leaders at The Walt Disney Company, if you focus intensely on serving your employees and customers, the profits will come.


When we started EngageMint in 2017, we began with the goal of helping sports & entertainment organizations better serve their "customers." From our vantage point, we saw many organizations prioritizing their "product" (on court/field performance) and neglecting the experience of the people they serve. We knew that if we could help organizations transform their focus to be about the experience rather than the product, the organizations we helped would be able to generate more revenue and continue their missions for the sustainable future.

As time has gone on, we've evolved who we serve. 

All of our co-founders were student-athletes in college, so we began our work where our true passion lies, in college athletics. 

As we listen to the needs of our own fans, we've expanded our services to provide for professional sports organizations, convention centers, and more. 

Whether you run an organization with a 100k seat stadium, or a 3k seat theater, or even a convention center, your business centers on serving humans. 

If you run an organization with passionate fans, we can help you create deeper emotional connections.  

What makes us different

Using principles learned from the Walt Disney Company and the most customer-centric organizations on the planet, we help you create new internal systems & processes that impact your customers externally. 


Our team has over 30+ combined years of leadership experience at the Walt Disney Company, and employees who've opened college & pro stadiums around the world. 


We use human-centered design to help you create new systems, processes and experiences to help you achieve your organization's business goals. 


We've held senior leader roles in almost every aspect of your operation. So we don't solve problems in a vacuum and we focus on long-term impact. 


We don't just give advice or do keynotes. We're experienced leaders who've been there and done it. Whether you're moving into a new venue and trying to create deep emotional connections with your fans, or you're a senior leader trying to enhance your service culture, we've got your back. 


Venues Opened


Culture Change Initiatives


Trainings Facilitated

Just like our championship teams on the field, we are continually looking to improve our fan game day experience and offerings. We are excited to be collaborating with EngageMint, who has a long history of assisting their clients with fan-centric experiences.

Sandy Barbour

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Penn State University