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Nick Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO of SQWAD, joined David Millay on Flip the Switch on March 1, 2020 to discuss the role of digital activations in sports sponsorship.  Just two weeks after, that episode became a playbook, as sports leagues and teams turned to digital and virtual platforms to engage brands and fans throughout the pandemic.  

Two years later, we invited Nick back to discuss the current state of the digital space, sponsorship activations and fan engagement.  With much to cover, we split this conversation into two episodes.


Show Notes

0:00   Introduction

4:30   “Reimagine Football” Challenge Win

7:09   SQWAD’s FanTile Activation Tool

14:47 The Context of Sponsorship – Goodwill vs. Efficiency

22:42  In-Venue Promotions and the Overall Fan Experience

28:47  Ads and Sponsorship That Resonates

41:03   Identifying the Sponsors’ Goals


For more info on the topics covered in this episode:

Nick’s First Appearance – Episode 17: Sponsorship that Engages, Not Distracts 

SQWAD | Twitter | LinkedIn

Reimagined Football Challenge

Dunkin’ Coffee Race 

Connect with Nick on Twitter or LinkedIn


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