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Your customers and employees have new needs, wants and expectations. 

Winning organizations of the future will be customer-centric, building their organizations around the people they serve. 

Take our quiz to see how customer-centric your organization is, and discover strategies and tactics you can use to improve.


We USE our experiences to create yours

Using our backgrounds as former Disney leaders and entrepreneurs in sports & entertainment, we're helping organizations like yours to innovate and become more customer-centric. 

We've opened stadiums, arenas, sports complexes, and theme parks. We've led culture change initiatives, organizational re-structures and customer experience transformations. Our expertise is driving the change. 

see how we play

on the field

Sandy Barbour

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Penn State University

"Just like our championship teams on the field, we are continually looking to improve our fan game day experience and offerings. We are excited to be collaborating with EngageMint, who has a long history of assisting their clients with fan-centric experiences."

Earlston Bean

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Indiana University Athletics

"Learning from EngageMint has provided a platform to collectively gather best practices and learn from colleagues on a national level, and some of the best in the sports industry on how to professionally navigate the constant changes that we’re faced with on a daily basis."

What do we actually Create?

Customer experience and employee experience are broad terms.

If you're looking to improve in customer experience or employee experience, we can help.

Customer Experience:

We've helped clients identify key performance indicators, led fan surveys, built detailed customer journeys, facilitated customer service training and more.

Employee Experience:

We've helped clients boost employee morale, created new training programs, facilitated leadership development, enhanced communication processes, and more.



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How might we adapt Panera's unlimited coffee subscription to season tickets? How might we learn from AirBnB's layoff strategy applied to our departments?