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Sports fandom runs deep. Yet most athletic organizations fail to meet fans’ emotional needs. 

Founded by former Disney leaders, EngageMint helps sports organizations break away from a transactional mindset and refocus on building the relationship with the fan, capturing the full potential of their rabid passion.

How We Help


Providing a consistent first-class experience starts with training. Building upon Disney’s quality customer service principles, we work with clients to design behaviors, create processes to empower staff and coach leaders to motivate their teams.


The key to consistent customer experience is every staff member understanding how their responsibilities impact the larger operation. With frameworks used at Disney, we help you identify operational inefficiencies, resolve customer hassles and build surprise and delight moments into your customer experience.


The magic is in the subtle tactics and strategies where investments in your brand are more kind to the customer. We’ve partnered with clients to reimagine their pregame fan activations, reorganize their concession operations or create a more effective renewal process, all to better meet fans’ needs.

see how we play on the field

Sandy Barbour

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Penn State University

"Just like our championship teams on the field, we are continually looking to improve our fan game day experience and offerings. We are excited to be collaborating with EngageMint, who has a long history of assisting their clients with fan-centric experiences."

Earlston Bean

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Indiana University Athletics

"Learning from EngageMint has provided a platform to collectively gather best practices and learn from colleagues on a national level, and some of the best in the sports industry on how to professionally navigate the constant changes that we’re faced with on a daily basis."


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