Expenses to serve your student-athletes are rising, and keeping up in the athletics arms race is an uphill battle. With your customer base rapidly evolving in how they consume sports content and experiences, it is a challenge to connect emotionally with fans and generate revenue. Find out how we can help you become a leader in fan experience.

Tap into EngageMint’s 75 years of expertise with best-in-class sports properties, entertainment and hospitality organizations and the extensive network that comes along the way.  We are problem solvers with Fortune 100 background, learning from organizations who are obsessed with the customer experience. Use the EngageMint team as your guide to create true emotional connections with your fans, leading to increased brand loyalty and sustainable success in the future.


Operational and Organizational Excellence

Having a fine tuned, smart organization is a key to success. Fans can tell when you aren't doing the right things internally.

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Service Culture

Having an internal culture dedicated to providing the best service possible, both internally and externally, is a major key to success.

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Humans remember stories, and they can tell when a story is not authentic. Clear, emotionaly engaging stories helps a fan understand how and why to consume your brand.

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