August 10


Turning your season tickets into memberships

David Millay

August 10, 2019

The MLB’s Oakland Athletics are starting to see the success and trends from it’s innovative “A’s Access” program, an alternative approach to season tickets, geared toward the changing behavior of fans.

The program is ultimately a subscription to the ballpark,  giving you GA access and exclusive membership benefits like 50% off concessions and $10 parking.

The results? They’ve doubled the number of plans from this year to last year, with 45% year over year revenue growth.

One of the biggest pros – Access plan members are typically 11 years younger than previous season-ticket holders.

Better yet, with only 4.6% of fans actually using their GA access per game, they remove the revenue ceiling of a “sold out” venue. 

“We were building something that had never been done before,” said COO, Chris Giles. “We were taking core membership principles from industries well outside of sports, things like gyms and country clubs and software as service models.”

Link to Oakland A’s info-graphic containing stats:

David Millay

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