August 12


The Power of College Athletics

David Millay

August 12, 2019

Close your eyes.

Imagine it’s a Wednesday afternoon, your fingers snap, and just like that, you’re transported back onto the campus of your Alma Mater.

How comfortable are you?

I know for most of us, we might feel a out of place, with students walking to the dining hall, talking about classes and going out, and you standing there with your briefcase and khakis thinking about budgets.

Your fingers snap again and you’re back on your Alma Mater’s campus. But this time, it’s a Saturday morning in the Fall, and it’s college football.

And suddenly, you’re not out of place anymore.

In fact, quite the opposite- you own that campus, showing it off to all your friends and family.

And that’s the power of college football.

It allows alumni to reconnect with some of the best years of their lives.

It allows us to be kids again, screaming, chanting and cheering on a group of 18-21 year-old kids playing their hearts out for the name on the front of their jersey.

— Courtesy of Tom McGrath, Penn State Athletics

Football’s almost back, can you tell we’re excited?

David Millay

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