August 14


The College Multi-Media Rights Model is Broken

David Millay

August 14, 2019

The traditional multi-media rights model may just be broken.

But some of the most successful MMR teams have figured out a way to innovate within the model.

The only reason a brand gets married to a property is for the children, the fans.

And so to create a successful, sustainable marriage, you have to find partnerships that create wins for the whole triangle – wins for the rights holder, wins for the property, and wins for fans.

The days when a brand shows up with a folding table and just hands out coupons should be long gone.”I think it’s going to require a new model and it’s going to be a very holistic model. And the holistic model may say this, instead of you writing me a check for the rights to my brand, why don’t you fund an in stadium experience that allows me to go sell 10,000 more season tickets,” says Rick Jones, Captain of Fishbait Marketing and Senior Partner at EngageMint.

“You know, we’ve looked at corporate sponsors in college athletics as an ATM, and I want us to start looking at them as an investment banker. There’s a difference. You know, the ATM just disperses cash and you don’t really care. The investment banker figures out a way to meet your objectives, bigger.”  

Rick’s quotes come from our podcast, Flip the Switch, Episode 004- Creating Authentic Experiences in a New Generation w/ Rick Jones

David Millay

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