August 10


Tell your brand story through authentic sponsorships

David Millay

August 10, 2019

With younger generations demanding more from a brand, it is no longer just about who has the best product on the field. Telling compelling stories that create emotional connections are more important than ever to win over the hearts and wallets of your fans.

In this week’s podcast episode, Rick Jones, one of the most successful sports marketers in the college athletics industry, discusses how using sponsorships can build up or destroy your brand promise.

Rick and I dive into elements of fan experience and sponsorship such as cause marketing, using other people’s money and the state of marketing in college athletics. Here’s a great tidbit – 

“Let’s hone in on that brand positioning and then find a way through sponsorship to reinforce that positioning, to tell a story in a way that only you can. I’ve had a lot of brand people in the past say ‘I want a program just like that program.’ No, you don’t. You don’t want to be somebody else’s re-fried beans. You want to tell your own story. And so I think it starts with that being true to your north star and finding the right platform to tell your story.”   

Based on Flip the Switch podcast episode #004, with guest, Rick Jones.

Full podcast episode link here:

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