August 11


Ethnographic research to get to know your fans

David Millay

August 11, 2019

When you think about getting insight from your fans, the first things of you likely think of are surveys or a “Fan Council.”

But there’s another, potentially less expensive way… through ethnographic research, the study of people and of cultures.

For those of you who have survey data already, you must get beyond the quantitative data and into deeper, more personal forms of research.

To observe how they use your product (experience your event), spend the day with them!

Watch them get ready, tailgate with them, stand in line with them at the concession stand, and you’ll see your brand in a whole new light.

Don’t just take my word for it… A.J. Lafley, the former CEO of Procter & Gamble had this to say about how P&G gathered insights from fans.

“To understand the consumer value equation, you must truly get to know your consumers- watching them shop, listening to their stories, visiting them at home to observe how they use and evaluate your products. Only through this kind of deep user understanding can you hope to generate insights about where to play and how to win.”

To read more about how A.J. led the entire P&G company to win, check out his book, “Playing to Win” here:

David Millay

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