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Previously on Flip the Switch, Brittany Hodak shared her ‘SUPER’ framework that brands can leverage to increase loyalty and fandom. With her new book, Creating Superfans coming out today (January 10), David Millay welcomes Brittany back to the show to discuss new frameworks and models that small businesses and global brands everywhere can implement to convert customers and employees into superfans.


2:29     Creating Superfans Podcast

6:53     SUPER Framework Overview

9:57     Ladder to Superfandom (Customer Apathy)

19:57   STORY framework

25:04   Getting to Know Your Customer’s Story

28:13   Digging into Customer Struggles

30:42   Pitching the Transformation

33:41   Simplifying Journey Maps

41:05   Measuring the Customer Experience (CSAT and EgR)

45:18   Prioritizing the Employee Experience

48:20   The Platinum Rule


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Episode 66: Cultivating SUPER Fans


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