August 15


Culture and Engagement are top priorities

David Millay

August 15, 2019

Leaders across all industries are putting a higher focus than ever before on company culture.

Where was this decades ago?

It’s not that companies didn’t care about their culture.

Instead, it’s today’s workforce that demands a more nurturing environment.

A recent Deloitte study showed that 87% of organizations named company culture and employee engagement as top concerns.

Even more striking?

About 50% called the problem, “very important.”

Here’s why: a new generation of employees demands more.

Mostly gone are the days of simply putting in an honest day’s work for a paycheck.

The new generation of workers want meaningful work.

They want to make an impact, and they want a company that cares more about them than its own profits.

So what does that mean for college athletics?

The same way that corporate America has shifted toward a culture and engagement-laden approach, athletic departments must also prioritize employee experience.

Like the CEOs in the Deloitte study, is this one of your department’s top concerns?

If not, shouldn’t it be?

To read the more of the Deloitte study, here is the full report: Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2015

David Millay

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