September 10


Creating Experiences Fans Can Relate To

David Millay

September 10, 2019

On our latest podcast episode, we were joined by Chris Grosse, Assistant Athletics Director of Marketing from Penn State Athletics.

One of the areas we explored was his creative approach for creating unique fan experiences that have made headlines and crushed attendance goals.

We discussed his “Millennial Day” promotion at a Georgetown Men’s Soccer game, and how it came out of lessons learned from a previous promotion.  

“It was something that students could relate to,” Chris said.

“They couldn’t relate to the Dumb and Dumber promotion. They didn’t even know what that was. But they could relate to all this talk about people saying that they’re different than everybody.” 

No student asked for a Millennial Day, but it was a huge success because students could relate to it.

There were all sorts of activities that fans participated in, like cord cutting stations and nap time at half.

The fans weren’t just passively consuming a soccer match.

To create truly engaging customer experiences today, you must deeply understand your fans and create a story for them to be a part of.  

David Millay

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