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In the first of this two-part episode with Dr. Troy Campbell, we’re breaking down the principles behind storytelling and what makes something “cool.”  Campbell is the Chief Scientist at On Your Feet and his research and career has centered around the intersection of scientific minds and artistic hearts and how to create and capture original and powerful ideas and make amazing things.  Part one hits on why Nike ads are simple to make and how brands like Disney borrow stories.


3:52    Troy’s Career Thesis: “Scientific Mind & Artistic Heart”

6:11    Marvel Isn’t Appealing to Everyone

10:19  Egocentrism 

14:04  Nike Ads are Simple to Make

16:58  Borrowing Stories From Others

22:50  Multi-Narrative Storytelling

25:46  Defining Your Story to Tell Multi-Narrative Stories

31:20  The Destiny Narrative


To learn more about Troy’s research on the intersection of Scientific Mind, Artistic Heart, check out:


Start with Science – Netflix

Team Science: Building Better Science Activists with Insights from Disney, Marketing, and Psychological Research


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