June 3


Investing in Research

David Millay

June 3, 2021

In a recent podcast episode with Rachel Jacobson, President of the Drone Racing League, we asked Rachel about the best investment they’ve made as an organization over the last twelve months. 

“Definitely on research. We’ve invested to learn more about our fans and we’re now a data and insights-driven organization.” 

Rachel Jacobson, from Flip the Switch podcast Episode 65

Understanding what makes up the core DNA of their fans, their goals, motivations, emotions, and stereotypes, has allowed Drone Racing League to grow rapidly over the past year.

Does your organization truly know who makes up its fan base? Have you identified your current fan segments and aspirational target audiences (deeper than just age ranges and ticket-buying history)? What are the non-athletics-related activities they love?  What has changed for them in the course of the last year?

When we build out customer personas for our clients, before we begin customer journey mapping, these are some of the first questions we look to answer.  

David Millay

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