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Today’s guest has been one of my favorite follows on Twitter over the past year, Zoe Scaman. Zoe runs her own strategy studio in the UK, called Bodacious.

At Bodcacious, one of Zoe’s bigger projects she’s working on right now is with Luka Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks, and Mark Cuban Experiments, or MCX for short. We’ll dive into this a ton in this episode. 

Before Bodacious, Zoe was the Global Head of Strategy for the Ridley Scott Creative Group. If you look at her career, you’ll see she’s dabbled in so many different areas, working for international brands, as well as agencies of all sizes. That’s given her a really wide range of things she’s interested in, and she has an uncanny ability to connect insights from one industry into another. This makes us love her, obviously, because that’s what we focus so much of our time on in this show. 

For today, we’re really going to be diving deep into Fandom. And no it should be no surprise, that much of how fandom is changing today is based on the evolution of the creator economy. If you’re not familiar with the creator economy, have no fear, we do some definition setting in the episode.

Show Notes:
7:32     Fandom vs. fans with an affinity

9:51     FazeClan and the birth of amateur content creation

14:00  Breaking down fandom levels with Marvel Cinematic Universe

19:17  The strategies for developing content for various audiences

23:13  The NBA exemplifying cultural crossovers

25:40  Examining the adjacent cultural genres to sports

30:05  Takeaways from MCX and the NBA

34:55  Monetizing experimentation in your organization

38:30  Reaching the Gen Z audience

42:56  Building a content creation team

44:56  Creating content for niche audiences

48:40  Lessons learned from Ocean Spray

53:03  NFTs and the impact on collectibles

Where to Reach Zoe:
Twitter: @zoescaman
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