We sit down with leaders in customer & employee experience to tease out new mindsets, core principles and best practices. Built specifically for leaders in sports & entertainment.

David Millay and Kevin Gober are back with another Jam Session as they discuss ways to create your own value and finding ways to bring that value to your organization. With Covid changing the working environment and structure, David and KG get into adapting your skillset to fit in any situation and learning universal ways to lead during the pandemic.

Time Stamps:

(2:00) What it’s like for sports to be back but not able to be in the building

(4:30) Worries of making an impact in your organization during Covid-19

(6:00) Find a way to bring value – the importance of acquiring new skill sets

(8:50) Kevin’s retail experience & demonstrating versatility

(11:00) Adapting the principles of sports business to other industries

(14:40) Different strategies of energizing your team as a leader 

(17:47) Speaking from the heart vs. speaking from a script 

(20:44) How should you be leading in these times?

(22:12) Inside the relaunch of events at State Farm Arena – Crawl, Walk, Run Mentality

(32:38) Recruiting and hiring in the midst of social distancing

(37:37) Enhancing your skill sets to be ready for the next opportunity

(40:06) Re-imagining the onboarding process – creating a mentoring buddy system

(42:49) Acknowledging and caring for the mental health of employees in this time

(47:59) How can we create better workplace cultures with hybrid work schedules?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein, New Orleans 


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