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In today’s episode, KG and David chat with Adam Polansky, the Group Director of Innovation at Octagon, a one of the world’s biggest sports marketing agencies. 

They discuss how we can use technology to innovate and ultimately create better experiences for fans and employees.

Show Notes:

What is Octagon? How does the Innovation team fit within the organization structure?

(5:40) What is innovation? How does Octagon define it?

(7:20) The meaning of fandom and sharing that with Octagon’s clients

(10:25) Creating the spiritual home for fans 

(13:20) Capitalizing on the intersection of sports and technology

(16:20) Octagon in Action – Bringing the Home Depot’s College Game Day sponsorship to life during the 2020 football season

(18:40) Behind the scenes – Octagon’s brainstorming sessions

(23:45) Lifestyle Marketing – from inception to rollout

(28:28) The “non-sexy” side of problem solving

(32:45) How might we create something new with virtual capabilities? 

(39:50) If we repurpose something from the past, is that innovative?

(42:15) Zoe Scaman’s “The Rollout” – Capitalizing on an existing event for a virtual experience

(44:20) The innovation waiting to be brought to life

(46:25) Selling the pitch – getting companies to push the boundaries

(51:34) The art of interactive storytelling

(55:44) The top technologies driving innovation

Referenced During the Show:

Dallas Mavericks’“Rollup”

Ghostbusters Experience at Madame Tussauds



Where to Reach Adam:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aspolanskyTwitter:a_polansk


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