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The “Great Resignation” or “Great Migration” has incited a movement by employees to find roles where they feel valued and appreciated.  But not everyone wants to be recognized or shown appreciation in the same way.  In this episode, David sits down with Dr. Paul White, author of “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace”, to talk about how to show appreciation for your staff in ways that are meaningful to them.  

Show Notes

2:55     Refocusing on Employee Engagement 

5:18      The Great Resignation or the Great Migration?

6:26      Recognize the Person, Not Just Their Work

8:41      Foundation for 5 Languages of Appreciation book

10:14   Words of Affirmation

12:39   Quality Time

13:55   Acts of Service

15:28   Tangible Gifts

17:28   Physical Touch

18:58   Learning Your Team’s Desired Language of Appreciation

21:33   Appreciation is NOT the Same as Recognition

24:08   The Correlation Between Profitability and Appreciation

26:19   Encouraging Appreciation Among Colleagues

28:24   Financial Impact of Replacing Employees

32:02   Generational Preferences in Recognition

35:21   3 Priority Groups to Recognize

36:47   Recognizing Underperforming Staff

42:59   Counter Opinions in Appreciation

45:15   Creative Demonstrations of Appreciation

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