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For our second Flip the Switch Live episode, we are joined by Dan Gale of Leona Marketing Group and Tim Rebich of Varsity Partners.  Sharing their perspectives as third-parties in the college athletics space, this episode is more idea-based than best practices focused.  Dan, Tim and David forecast where college athletics is headed and the impacts NIL and multimedia sponsorship will have on the industry.

Show Notes

10:28 – Introducing Dan Gale and Tim Rebich

17:09 – Embracing NIL and Fair Market Value

22:49 – Creating Endemic Brand Experiences

28:08 – Changing Landscape for Multimedia Rights

36:31 – Brand Loyalty and Brand Value Alignment

40:13 – Redefining Corporate Sponsorship Assets

49:57 – Building Trust as a Third-Party Operator

56:32 – Shifting Mindsets in College Athletics

1:01:43 – Parting Advice


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