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Our guest today is Drew Bedard, the Vice President of Marketing at Bristol Motor Speedway and Kentucky Speedway. 

On July 15, 2020, Bristol Motor Speedway hosted the NASCAR All-Star Race. The event had almost 30k fans in attendance, the largest attended event in the US since COVID cancelled sports in March 2020. 

As sports & entertainment venues across the US prepare to reopen, I thought it would be good for you all to hear from Drew, who’s actually done it. I think that qualifies him as the closest thing to an expert as we’ve got in this world of operating events post-COVID. 

In the conversation today, we’ll talk about his lessons learned, what he and his team might have done differently, we’ll cover what made them successful and we’ll dive in on specific tools and tactics they used, from project management software to communication methods used with fans.  

Follow along Drew’s journey or message him on Twitter or Instagram: @drewbedard
Marketing that Works with by Drew Bedard (Drew’s own podcast)
Email Drew at: drewbedard@gmail.com

Mentioned in the Episode:
CUE Audio  (light and sound integration)
Basecamp (Project management tool)
Trello (Project management tool)
Asana (Project management tool)
FanThreeSixty (customer data platform)
Fans First w/ Jesse Cole (Podcast Episode)
Build Your Brand & Build More Fans w/ Adam White (Podcast Episode)
Magic Spoon (adult version of kids Cereal)
Shady Rays (polarized sunglasses)

Books Drew has gifted the most:
War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson
Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss


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