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A long-time sports executive, Rick Burton brings a breadth of experience and insights to this week’s podcast.  After roles in brand management with Miller Lite, a stint as commissioner of the National Basketball League in Australia and Chief Marketing Officer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Rick has spent the last 12 years at Syracuse University as the David B. Falk Professor of Sport Management and Faculty Athletics Representative.  He’s also co-authored three books and contributes regularly to Sports Business Journal, as well as Sportico and Sport Business.  

This episode goes deep on all of Rick’s specialties – sports marketing sponsorship, the Tokyo Olympics, organizational management and leadership and ESports. 

Show Notes

(4:11)  The Digital, Global and 24/7/365 Economies

(5:23)  An Impactful Career

(9:29)  Rick’s Inspirations

(12:46)  Emerging Leaders – Skating to Where the Puck is Going

(15:40)  Proactive vs. Reactive Leadership and Exploring New Trends

(18:43)  Content Consumption – Are You Scuba Diving or Jet Skiing?

(22:58)  What to Expect from the Tokyo Olympic Games

(28:16)  The Role of Faculty Athletics Representative

(33:20)  The NIL Impact

(39:22)  Shifting Traditional College Athletics Mindsets

(43:36)  Traditional Sports Diversifying into Digital Worlds

(50:24)  Moore’s Law of Digital Transformation

(53:38)  The Mission of Athletic Departments

(55:09) Rick’s Billboard of Advice

For more information on the topics covered this episode:

Moore’s Law
Ready Player One

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