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Salary increases and rewards have their place, but to inspire connection and tenure with your employees requires more. In this episode, David Millay and Dr. Scott Rigby, Founder and CEO of Immersyve and MotivationWorks, dive into self-determination theory, employees’ three basic needs and the obstacles employers must overcome to motivate their teams long-term.  


Show Notes

2:41   Background on Immersyve 

4:35   Self-Determination Theory

6:33   Motivation Myths

10:00   The Need to Believe

14:12   The Need to Belong

15:21   The Need to Succeed

17:10   Connecting Purpose to Individual Tasks

22:34   Obstacles to Creating a Space of Belonging 

28:49   Overcoming Challenges to Succeed

30:53   Promotions vs. Skill Growth

33:38   The Fundamental Shift in Employee Engagement

38:59   Motivating Employees Working Remotely

42:09   “ROW” Workplaces

44:03    Countering Arguments Against Reward Structures

47:32    Rewards vs. Recognition

51:15    Scott’s Billboard


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