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Recently, we hit 100 episodes of Flip the Switch.  In this bonus edition, David Millay and Katie Rudy issue superlative awards to break down their favorite takeaways and the trends, experiments, and leadership lessons that have influence their work with EngageMint. 

*We’re a little off on some numbers in the episode but we have them all linked here*

Most Fun: 

Jesse Cole – Ep. 14 Fans First | Ep. 44 A Culture of Experimentation

Rachel Jacobson – Ep. 65 High Speed, High Tech and High Growth

Taught Us the Most:

Peter Sorckoff – Ep. 82 Studying the Subconscious and Emotions of Fandom

Nick Lawson – Ep. 17 Sponsorship that Engages, not Distracts

Most Nervous to Record:

Scott O’Neil – Ep. 88 Being Present, Authentic and Intentional

Quint Studer – Ep. 34 From Patient Experience to Fan Experience

Jared Spataro – Ep. 38 Modern Work and Digital Experiences

Lee Cockerell – Ep. 55 Leadership Lessons from a Disney Legend

Most Personal Episodes:

Mike Millay – Ep. 30 The Business Behind ESPN Wide World of Sports Part One | Ep. 31 Part Two

Rob Temple and Rick Jones – Ep. 59 Finding the Right Sponsorships for YOUR Fans

Most Underrated Episode (seriously, listen to this one!)

Steph Smith – Ep. 50 Designing Effective Remote Work Teams

Single Frameworks That Impacted Us the Most:

Think of Stadiums Like “Town Halls” – Nick Sautner Ep. 72 Enhancing Stadium Experiences Beyond Game Day

“What Would Joy Do?” – Steven Van Bellegham Ep. 48 The Future of Customer Experience

“Premium service doesn’t always require a premium price” – Barry Jacobson Ep. 25 Premium Service vs. Customer Service 

“The shortest customer service speech” – Shep Hyken Ep. 56 Amaze Your Customers and Fans 

Advice That Sticks Out That We Don’t Do:

“Drive in Silence” – Troy Dannen Ep. 80 – College Leaders | Leading with Conviction and Empathy

Write Thank You Notes – Jesse Cole 

Episode We’ve Talked About the Most:

Zoe Scaman – Ep. 57 How Fandom is Evolving


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