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All About NFTs and Miami’s CanesVault

The University of Miami became the first college athletic department to break into the NFT space, announcing the new CanesVault this week that will officially open on August 16. In this episode, Dan Boyd, Miami’s Senior Associate AD for Sales and Marketing and Jon Parise, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GigLabs, Miami’s NFT partner,  join David to discuss the strategies and behind-the-scenes conversations leading to this innovative launch.


Show Notes

7:16    Building the Hurricanes Legacy

9:13    Breaking into the NFT Game

11:13  Miami’s Partnerships with Gig Labs and Black Madre

14:20  Maintaining Ownership to Drive Incremental Revenue

19:42  The Brainstorming Process

23:00  Leveraging the Brands’ Full Intellectual Property

24:37  Other Model NFT collections 

26:03  Infinite Objects and Rare Rooms

31:34  Arguments Against NFTs

34:40  Appealing to the Global Fan Base

39:05  Why buy a Miami Hurricanes’ NFT?

43:57  Defining CanesVault Key Holders

48:18  Relationship Between Season Ticket Members and Key Holders

51:46  Understanding Smart Contracts

54:24   Fostering Community and NFTs as Status Symbols

For more info on topics covered this episode:

Check out the Miami Hurricanes’ Canes Vault  |  CanesVault Twitter

GigLabs | Rare Rooms

Infinite Objects

Other NFT collections: Cryptopunks  |  Bored Ape Yacht Club


Connect with Dan via email or LinkedIn 

Connect with Jon via email or LinkedIn 

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