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98: College Leaders | Leveraging Real-Time Data to Enhance Fan Experiences w/ Paris Buchanan

This College Leaders segment of Flip the Switch features Paris Buchanan, Assistant AD for Marketing and Fan Experience for Ole Miss Athletics. Through one football season with minimal crowds, Ole Miss realized not only how much they value their home field advantage, but how to connect with Rebel fans that aren’t viewing the games in person. Paris, David Millay and Katie Rudy dive into the data driving their digital activations, in-season changes and planning for future seasons.    

Show Notes

2:25  The “Home Team” virtual experience

5:22   Balancing the in-person and virtual fan experiences

6:33   Differentiating the Ole Miss brand

7:52   Creating a social voice

11:50   Turnkey tailgates and personalized game days with REVEL XP 

14:27   Bringing “The Grove” inside

16:20   What if money was no object…

20:54   Sources of inspiration

24:07   In-season data collection and reaction

29:08   The brainstorm for 2022 football 

35:46   The “bedroom to kitchen to sofa” experience


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