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Cultivate SUPER Fans with Brittany Hodak

Joining the show this week is Brittany Hodak.  Recently named Chief Experience Officer at Experience.com, Brittany shares her frameworks that organizations can adopt to cultivate super fans and experiences.  Prior to joining Experience.com, Brittany co-founded a marketing and collectibles company ZinePak (later named The Superfan Company), which was featured on Shark Tank and earned one of the highest valuations in show history.   She exited in 2019 to focus full-time on speaking and consulting with organizations to harness the passion within fans.

David and Brittany set their rivalry aside to dive in to Brittany’s SUPER strategy and focusing on real-time data to perfect customer and employee experience.


6:03    MGo(Baby)Blue – Coach Harbaugh Converts a Razorback

13:22  The ZinePak/Superfan Company Takeaways

19:02  The Future of Collectibles

22:32  Brittany’s SUPER strategy

26:39  What is special about your story?

28:10  Fostering Future Fans & Connecting to Kids

31:08  Tailoring Campaigns to Niche Audiences

33:47  Overcoming Apathetic Fans

42:53  Personalizing Customer and Employee Experiences with Experience.com

46:53  The Uber Way – Data in Real Time

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