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How Maryland Created ‘Netflix for Terps’

This week’s guest is Mike Farrell, Assistant AD for Broadcasting and Video Production at University of Maryland.  As part of Maryland’s 75-year Terrapin Club “Reinvented” campaign, Mike and his team created Terrapin Club +.  Often referred to as “Netflix for Terps”, the subscription service is the first of its kind in college athletics and features five shows to create additional value for Terrapin Club members and share the stories of Maryland current and former student-athletes. 

We go in-depth on content strategies and deepening ties with your tribes in this episode.

6:30  Terrapin Club “Reinvented” and Terrapin Club +

8:17 Creating Membership Value Over Donor Programs

11:10 Biggest Production Surprises and Challenges

14:56 The Student-Athlete Perspective

16:30 Content Strategy and Distribution Strategy

25:06 Authenticity vs. Production Quality

28:08 Diving in on the Terrapin Club + Five Series

38:11 The NIL Impact

43:30 Measuring Success

47:46 Maryland’s Sources of Inspiration

50:24 Rapid Fire Questions

     Books Inspiring Mike

     A Life-Changing Perspective

     Mike’s Billboard

*SLIGHT CORRECTION* – Since the launch of Terrapin Club +, the Terrapin Club has seen a 100% year-over-year growth, rather than the 100% growth mentioned in the show.


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Additional References
Errol Morris Documentaries

Michael’s Favorite Books
This is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds
Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs
True Story by Ty Montague

Shout out to all those who produce and support Terrapin Club + 

Haley Timple, Jonah Haas, Tony Price, Jarred Belman, John Bartman, Josh Clayton, Alex Gross, Thomas Mason, Jason Yellin, Patrick Fischer, Taylor Smyth, Jordan Looby, Brian Ullmann, Carrie Blankenship, Kendall Butters, Jake Rose, Andy Wray, Alex Grant


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