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High Speed, High Tech and High Growth with DRL President Rachel Jacobson

Rachel Jacobson is the President of the Drone Racing League.  After 21 years in the NBA, her last role being VP of Global Business Development, and a brief stint in the private sector, Rachel was named president of DRL just one year ago. 

DRL is a technology company first and the decisions they make from a business, employee and customer experience standpoint are all from a technology perspective, because of the outreach it enables with both traditional and non-traditional sports fans who have embraced their organization. 

We touch on everything from leadership and culture, to making decisions that serve the holistic customer and bringing new fans into their ecosystem.

Show Notes

6:34     Lessons from a 21-Year NBA Career

9:57     It’s All About YOUR People

12:44   Encouraging a Culture of High Performance 

14:58   Accountability and Transparency in Leadership

15:40   Hustle in Sports vs. Hustle in Entrepreneurship

20:36  What is the Drone Racing League?

25:14   Appealing to Younger Fans through STEM

28:35   Bringing Multigenerational Fans into the DRL Ecosystem

36:26   DRL’s Player-to-Pilot Training Program

40:42   Aligning Mentality and Markets in Corporate Partnerships

46:49   Rapid Fire Questions


Additional Notes

Drone Racing League
DRL Academy
T-Mobile 5G Drone
Playstation Drone Racing Simulator 

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