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Capitalizing on New Tech to Transform Fan Engagement w/ John Kosner

In our latest podcast, David sits down with John Kosner.  After 20 years at ESPN, where he transformed its digital media strategy, John co-founded Micromanagement Ventures with former NBA Commissioner David Stern and also leads Kosner Media, where he invests in and advises sports tech companies focused on sports media, sports betting and gambling and player development.  

This episode covers all things sports tech, truth speaking and leadership and the future of sports broadcasting.

Show Notes

(4:00)  Forming Micromanagement Ventures with David Stern

(15:04)  Importance of Humor in the Workplace

(18:11)  Assembling the Right Team Around the Right Purpose

(21:51)  Trust is the Essence of Every Human Relationship

(25:35)  The NBA Trade Machine and Taking ESPN Digital

(32:35)  Learn from TikTok, Instagram and Twitch

(34:53)  Static Personalization vs. Modern Personalization

(36:55)  John’s Advisory Work

(43:34)  The Adrenaline Factor in Viewing Sports

(50:32)  Overcoming Complacency

For more information on the topics covered this episode:

Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christianson

The Adrenaline Factor by John Kosner

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Connect with John on Twitter or LinkedIn

Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdIn.  Delivering training digitally to better equip your staff for game day.

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