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135: Driving Change through AR, VR and Human-Centered Design w/ Steven King

Augmented reality and virtual reality are transforming both the in-venue and at-home viewing experience. To understand how to incorporate these emerging technologies, we sat down with Steven King, director of University of North Carolina’s Blue Sky Innovation lab.  King’s work is rooted in human-centered design and this episode hits on some of the latest projects coming out of the lab and how to effectively use human-centered design for brainstorming and change management. 


2:42    “Time Space” Storytelling at The Washington Post

4:32     Human-Centered Design Methodology

10:54   Testing Before Investing 

12:25   Change Has to Be Exponentially Better

17:40   Bridging In-Venue and At-Home Viewing

21:36   HoloLens Headsets

25:35   The NBA is Missing the Mark on VR Viewing

30:37   Change Management and Defining Success

35:53   Leadership’s Impact on Creativity

42:14   Key Organizational Players in Driving Change

46:53   Misconceptions 

48:13   Learning About New Trends


For more information on topics covered in this episode, check out: 

UNC’s Blue Sky Innovation lab: Website | LinkedIn 

Connect with Steven on LinkedIn

Steven’s Go To Sources

Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Tech Crunch

On Steven’s bookshelf

The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

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111: Driving Deeper Engagement Through Digital Activations (Part Two) w/ Nick Lawson

Nick Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO of SQWAD rejoins the podcast to discuss the current state of the digital space, sponsorship activations and fan engagement.  With much to cover, we split this conversation into two episodes.  Listen to the first episode here.

In part two, we jump back into the conversation with David Millay and Nick discussing the problems with sponsorship and the deep dive that SQWAD has done to solve them.  This episode features strategies and tactics to help organizations and sponsors develop successful campaigns that meet the four steps of awareness, engagement, action and retargeting.  

Show Notes

0:00   Introduction

2:00   The Problems with Sponsorship

6:34   Best Practices in Sponsorship Retargeting

16:02  Cracking YouTube for Views

21:33  Building Fans Through YouTube Highlights

24:36  Engaging Sponsors in NFTs

30:24  Repurposing Stadiums into Digital Playgrounds

34:16  Connecting with Fans Outside of the Stands

37:34  Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality


For more info on the topics covered in this episode:

Nick’s Other Flip the Switch Appearances –
Episode 17: Sponsorship that Engages, Not Distracts

Episode 110: Driving Deeper Engagement Through Digital Activations (Part One) w/ Nick Lawson

Episode 27: Merging Physical & Digital Worlds w/ Javier Martinez Garcia

SQWAD | Twitter | LinkedIn

Reimagined Football Challenge

Dunkin’ Coffee Race 

Connect with Nick on Twitter or LinkedIn

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110: Driving Deeper Engagement Through Digital Activations (Part One) w/ Nick Lawson

Nick Lawson, Co-Founder and CEO of SQWAD, joined David Millay on Flip the Switch on March 1, 2020 to discuss the role of digital activations in sports sponsorship.  Just two weeks after, that episode became a playbook, as sports leagues and teams turned to digital and virtual platforms to engage brands and fans throughout the pandemic.  

Two years later, we invited Nick back to discuss the current state of the digital space, sponsorship activations and fan engagement.  With much to cover, we split this conversation into two episodes.


Show Notes

0:00   Introduction

4:30   “Reimagine Football” Challenge Win

7:09   SQWAD’s FanTile Activation Tool

14:47 The Context of Sponsorship – Goodwill vs. Efficiency

22:42  In-Venue Promotions and the Overall Fan Experience

28:47  Ads and Sponsorship That Resonates

41:03   Identifying the Sponsors’ Goals


For more info on the topics covered in this episode:

Nick’s First Appearance – Episode 17: Sponsorship that Engages, Not Distracts 

SQWAD | Twitter | LinkedIn

Reimagined Football Challenge

Dunkin’ Coffee Race 

Connect with Nick on Twitter or LinkedIn

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Trusted Strategic Advisors in College Athletics w/ Dan Gale and Tim Rebich

For our second Flip the Switch Live episode, we are joined by Dan Gale of Leona Marketing Group and Tim Rebich of Varsity Partners.  Sharing their perspectives as third-parties in the college athletics space, this episode is more idea-based than best practices focused.  Dan, Tim and David forecast where college athletics is headed and the impacts NIL and multimedia sponsorship will have on the industry.

Show Notes

10:28 – Introducing Dan Gale and Tim Rebich

17:09 – Embracing NIL and Fair Market Value

22:49 – Creating Endemic Brand Experiences

28:08 – Changing Landscape for Multimedia Rights

36:31 – Brand Loyalty and Brand Value Alignment

40:13 – Redefining Corporate Sponsorship Assets

49:57 – Building Trust as a Third-Party Operator

56:32 – Shifting Mindsets in College Athletics

1:01:43 – Parting Advice


Connect with Dan on LinkedIn
Follow Dan on Twitter
Visit Leona Marketing Group’s Website

Connect with Tim on LinkedIn
Follow Tim on Twitter
Follow Varsity Partners

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Finding The Right Sponsorships for YOUR fans w/ Rob Temple and Rick Jones

In today’s episode, David sits down with two industry legends Rob Temple, 
Chief Executive Officer at FishBait Solutions, LLC and Rick Jones, Captain, Creative Director and Shareholder at FishBait Solutions, LLC. When combining Rick’s creative mind for amazing corporate sponsorship ideas and insights and Rob’s previous 20-year experience as ESPN’s Senior Vice President of Sports Marketing the two bring a powerhouse of knowledge into this episode. The three get into sponsorships and how to find the right corporate partners to connect with your unique fans. 

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Utilizing Technology to Solve Business Problems w/ Adam Polansky

In today’s episode, KG and David chat with Adam Polansky, the Group Director of Innovation at Octagon, a one of the world’s biggest sports marketing agencies. 

They discuss how we can use technology to innovate and ultimately create better experiences for fans and employees.

Show Notes:

What is Octagon? How does the Innovation team fit within the organization structure?

(5:40) What is innovation? How does Octagon define it?

(7:20) The meaning of fandom and sharing that with Octagon’s clients

(10:25) Creating the spiritual home for fans 

(13:20) Capitalizing on the intersection of sports and technology

(16:20) Octagon in Action – Bringing the Home Depot’s College Game Day sponsorship to life during the 2020 football season

(18:40) Behind the scenes – Octagon’s brainstorming sessions

(23:45) Lifestyle Marketing – from inception to rollout

(28:28) The “non-sexy” side of problem solving

(32:45) How might we create something new with virtual capabilities? 

(39:50) If we repurpose something from the past, is that innovative?

(42:15) Zoe Scaman’s “The Rollout” – Capitalizing on an existing event for a virtual experience

(44:20) The innovation waiting to be brought to life

(46:25) Selling the pitch – getting companies to push the boundaries

(51:34) The art of interactive storytelling

(55:44) The top technologies driving innovation

Referenced During the Show:

Dallas Mavericks’“Rollup”

Ghostbusters Experience at Madame Tussauds



Where to Reach Adam:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aspolanskyTwitter:a_polansk

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From The Bridge

Episode 51: All About Nostalgia with Stephanie Stuckey

Rick sits down with Stephanie Stuckey, CEO of Stuckey’s Corporation, to talk about how she is rebuilding her family’s beloved and classic brand. Rick takes a walk down memory lane that leads to The SoapBox and shares another great place to eat On The Road With Rick.

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37: Virtual Fan Engagement Opportunities w/ Brad Wurthman & Chris Grosse

Today’s episode is a little different than usual. This episode is the edited audio from one of our Fireside Chats, something that our invite-only community has access too.

Our subject matter experts for the chat were Brad Wurthman, Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Operations at Virginia Tech and Chris Grosse, Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing at Penn State University.

Brad and Chris both lead teams responsible for the fan experiences at their famous sporting venues. On a normal football Saturday, their 65k+ stadiums literally shake the ground from screaming fans. But this year, neither stadium will host fans due to the pandemic. So we brought them in to discuss their plans for engaging fans virtually. 

In these Fireside Chats, it’s not just me and the guests. There are tons of other leaders on the platform, where they can chime in, ask questions or add their two cents. So when you hear other voices on this episode, don’t be surprised. If you’d like to join the waitlist to attend future chats and ask your own questions, feel free to sign-up here.

Time Stamps:

 – Replacing stadium experiences for fans at home

15:00 – Creating alternate revenue sources 

20:00 – Changes in key metrics during COVID

22:00 – Penn State’s content strategy for virtual fans

24:50 – Keeping fans engaged with sponsors at home

32:00 – Implementing fan cardboard cutouts 

39:28 – Activating user-generated content

45:25 – Turning tailgating to “homegating”

48:10 – Sports subscription boxes 

53:10 – Biggest skill sets needed on a team for the future 

VT & PSU Virtual Fan Engagement Plans:
Virginia Tech’s Plan
Penn State’s Plan

Where to Reach the Guests:

Brad Wurthman
Connect on Twitter:@wurthman

Connect on LinkedIn

Chris Grosse:
Connect on Twitter: @Chris_Grosse

Connect on LinkedIn

Rachel Mydosh
Connect on Twitter:@rachel_mydosh

Connect on LinkedIn

Stephen Buetel:
Connect on Twitter:@stephenbeutel

Connect on LinkedIn

Pim Koondel:
Connect on LinkedIn

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From The Bridge

Episode 50: How To Create More Revenue pt. 2 with Chris Filardi

Rick returns to continue the discussion on creating more revenues. He invites his pal Chris Filardi on to share stories about his time as the VP of Marketing at Werner Ladders and to delve into his current role as Head Of Outdoor Sports Division at Fishbait Marketing. Rick climbs back on “The Soapbox” for further pontification and tells us about a remarkable shrimp burger he enjoyed “On The Road With Rick”.

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From The Bridge

Episode 49: Build Brand YoU with Vince Thompson

Rick invites his pal Vince Thompson back to the bridge to discuss his new book “Build Brand YoU” the two talk how MELT Sports has piloted during this time and all of the silver linings that come with that. And as always we get back on ‘The SoapBox’ and find another great place to eat ‘On The Road With Rick’.

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