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123: Cultivating Meaningful Conversations Through Social w/ Brooke Sellas

In today’s episode, David Millay and Katie Rudy are joined by Brooke Sellas, Digital Customer Experience Specialist and CEO of B Squared Media.  With more than 15 years of marketing experience and 10 years in social media management, Brooke recently authored a new book, “Conversations That Connect.”  We dive into several tactics and strategies from the book, demonstrating the value of social media listening to connect with, converse with and convert customers. 


Show Notes

2:52     The CF Community Bar Crawl

7:12      Social Penetration Theory

8:52     Social Cliches

10:40   Getting and Giving Opinions

13:55   Sharing Brand Feelings

18:06   Embracing AI in Marketing

19:13   Demonstrating Brand Values and Personality

29:03  Conversations That Connect

31:07   Digital Customer Journey Flywheel

34:11   Attribution Models

35:31   Social Led Customer Care and Social Media Listening

40:38 Preparing for Primarily Social Media Customer Service

45:10   SEO is not dead

46:36   Acquiring New Customers through Social Listening

50:27   Social Media Manager Role Clarity


For more information on the topics that we covered today:

Read Conversations That Connect

Check out Brooke’s work at BSquared.Media

Follow Brooke on Twitter or LinkedIn

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