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131: Developing Personal Brands to Build Bigger Communities w/ Preston McClellan

He’s considered a bit of a social media ‘OG’.  For seven years, Preston guided players on the PGA Tour to create their own brands and communities, an effort that grew the greater PGA audience from 20 million to 60 million followers in 5 years.  Now, as a co-founder of Golf Space Collective, Preston and his team guides golf properties on all things digital. 

This episode hits on why building a personal brand is important, the impact that personal brand has on team and league brands or any business and why human connection is critical to form a community over an audience.  


2:50     A Social Media OG, @Preston

4:33     Launching Memphis Athletics accounts

6:56     Building a Following on the PGA Tour

9:31     The Incentive to Building Player Brands

13:09   Growing Players’ Social Media Game

16:16   Putting Emphasis on Human Connection and Personal Brands

21:28   Frameworks for Personal Branding – Just Get Started

29:07   Audience vs. Community and Creating Brand Advocates

35:05   Connecting with Younger Fan Bases

38:24   The Netflix Impact & ‘First Swing’

44:38   Showing Human Emotion and Personality


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To connect with Preston: 

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email 

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