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122: Inspiring Impactful Change w/ Guido D’Elia

To orchestrate a compelling game day experience for all fans requires thinking more like a play caller, an offensive coordinator, rather than simply directing a run of show.  In this episode, David Millay and Katie Rudy sit down with Guido D’Elia, a consultant in strategic communications and college athletics game day experience.  As Penn State’s Director of Football Branding and Communications, Guido was the mastermind behind the “Penn State Whiteout”, an experiment that has resulted in one of the greatest game day experiences in college football. Through insights from the Whiteout, we unpack how to deeper engage your fans and strategies for successful change management.


Show Notes

3:47      “Offensive Coordinator” Show Calling

8:33      The Need for the Whiteout

11:30    Selling before Social Media

13:48    Communicating the Vision & Benefits in Change Management 

18:26    Expanding the Whiteout Stadium-wide

20:45    Holding Back on Change

23:11    Applying the ‘Playbook’

29:11    Combating Falling Attendance Numbers

32:56    The Pain Points in the Fan Experience

37:32    The Impact of Parking

40:19    Making the Perimeter Something That Happens

45:09    Perfecting the Current Experience

47:55    The Ramp Up to Kickoff 


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