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106: Forging a Non-Traditional Career Path w/ Paul Millerd

In the last two years, individuals have challenged the traditional scripts of career paths, a factor contributing to the Great Resignation. On today’s episode, we sit down with Paul Millerd, a solopreneur and author of “The Pathless Path: Imagining a New Story for Work and Life.”  Since leaving his corporate consulting career, Paul has studied the concepts behind burnout, work-life balance and the economic impact on the current job market.

This episode provides insight to employees willing to leave full-time jobs to explore and experiment and how you might be able to retain them and increase their value to your organization.


Show Notes

3:02    Background to “The Pathless Path”

4:41    Wonder vs. Comfort

8:22    Conquering Fears

10:00     The Economic Reasons Why “It’s Not Worth It”

14:06     What is Work?

17:39     The True Cause of Burnout

21:06    Purpose is Personal

26:19    Defining “Enough”

31:10    The “Script of Success”

33:09    Defining Success in Creative Work

38:08    Rewriting the Script as Leaders

42:39    Defining Output

44:44     Paul’s Billboard


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