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99: Turning Ordinary Game Days Into Extraordinary Experiences w/ David Millay and Katie Rudy

It’s Super Bowl week and 70,000 fans will fill SoFi Stadium for that “bucket list” experience. The average sports fan may not witness a World Series, College Football Playoff or Super Bowl in person.  In this episode, David Millay and Katie Rudy discuss some of their favorite sporting events and how a focus on hospitality, premium spaces, concessions offerings and pregame shows can turn an ordinary game into an extraordinary one.  


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How to Never Lose a Customer Again w/ Joey Coleman

Chief Experience Composer and Best-Selling Author Joey Coleman joins David to talk about how to “Never Lose a Customer Again.”  In this episode, Joey breaks down the 8 phases of the customer and employee experience from his book: Assess, Admit, Affirm, Activate, Acclimate, Accomplish, Adopt and Advocate.  Organizations often focus on a couple, but paying attention to all eight sequentially leads to retention, additional sales and referrals.

Show Notes

4:01    Get Straight As from Your Customers – the 8 Phases

11:50   Applying the 8 Phases to Different Customer Journeys

14:23   Fostering the Experience for the First Time Customer

18:41   Use Your CRM Tools to Tailor Your Communication

22:53   Investigate, Observe and Ask 

27:30   Peel Back the Curtain and Share Survey Data

33:11   Ignite Relationships with Current Customers

38:23   Get Straight As from Your Employees

48:32   Joey’s Savannah Bananas Experience


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Bonus: Notre Dame and National Signing Day 2021

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