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134: Measuring Burnout and Workaholism in College Athletics w/ Matt Huml

It used to be fun to work in sports. But like so many other industries, responsibilities have increased, often demanding employees to achieve more with less. The result, according to Matt Huml, can be burnout, workaholism, disengagement, and resentment. In this episode, we dive deep into Matt’s two most recent research projects: “The Effect of Remote Work on Family and Work Dynamics Within the Sport Industry;” and “From engaged worker to workaholic: a mediated model of athletic department employees”. 


2:43    Behind the Research

5:45    The Razor’s Edge Between Engaged Worker vs. Workaholic

9:02    What’s Wrong with a Team of Workaholics?

13:01  The Full Financial Impact of Turnover

20:03  Improving the Recruiting Pitch for Staff 

27:45  The Extreme Sacrifices

32:05  Evaluating Extreme Sacrifices on Your Team

41:09  The Radioactive Ring Around Coaches 


For more info on topics referenced in this episode:

Read the Full Versions of Matt’s research – 

The Effect of Remote Work on Family and Work Dynamics in the Sports Industry

From engaged worker to workaholic: a mediated model of athletic department employees

Books highlighted – 

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

Hear more about the outcomes from our workshop with Penn State 

Episode 96: How to Curb the Great Resignation in Your Organization

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All About NFTs and Miami’s CanesVault

The University of Miami became the first college athletic department to break into the NFT space, announcing the new CanesVault this week that will officially open on August 16. In this episode, Dan Boyd, Miami’s Senior Associate AD for Sales and Marketing and Jon Parise, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GigLabs, Miami’s NFT partner,  join David to discuss the strategies and behind-the-scenes conversations leading to this innovative launch.


Show Notes

7:16    Building the Hurricanes Legacy

9:13    Breaking into the NFT Game

11:13  Miami’s Partnerships with Gig Labs and Black Madre

14:20  Maintaining Ownership to Drive Incremental Revenue

19:42  The Brainstorming Process

23:00  Leveraging the Brands’ Full Intellectual Property

24:37  Other Model NFT collections 

26:03  Infinite Objects and Rare Rooms

31:34  Arguments Against NFTs

34:40  Appealing to the Global Fan Base

39:05  Why buy a Miami Hurricanes’ NFT?

43:57  Defining CanesVault Key Holders

48:18  Relationship Between Season Ticket Members and Key Holders

51:46  Understanding Smart Contracts

54:24   Fostering Community and NFTs as Status Symbols

For more info on topics covered this episode:

Check out the Miami Hurricanes’ Canes Vault  |  CanesVault Twitter

GigLabs | Rare Rooms

Infinite Objects

Other NFT collections: Cryptopunks  |  Bored Ape Yacht Club


Connect with Dan via email or LinkedIn 

Connect with Jon via email or LinkedIn 

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College Leaders | The “Glocalization” of Sport and Immersive Fan Experiences w/ Rick Burton

A long-time sports executive, Rick Burton brings a breadth of experience and insights to this week’s podcast.  After roles in brand management with Miller Lite, a stint as commissioner of the National Basketball League in Australia and Chief Marketing Officer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Rick has spent the last 12 years at Syracuse University as the David B. Falk Professor of Sport Management and Faculty Athletics Representative.  He’s also co-authored three books and contributes regularly to Sports Business Journal, as well as Sportico and Sport Business.  

This episode goes deep on all of Rick’s specialties – sports marketing sponsorship, the Tokyo Olympics, organizational management and leadership and ESports. 

Show Notes

(4:11)  The Digital, Global and 24/7/365 Economies

(5:23)  An Impactful Career

(9:29)  Rick’s Inspirations

(12:46)  Emerging Leaders – Skating to Where the Puck is Going

(15:40)  Proactive vs. Reactive Leadership and Exploring New Trends

(18:43)  Content Consumption – Are You Scuba Diving or Jet Skiing?

(22:58)  What to Expect from the Tokyo Olympic Games

(28:16)  The Role of Faculty Athletics Representative

(33:20)  The NIL Impact

(39:22)  Shifting Traditional College Athletics Mindsets

(43:36)  Traditional Sports Diversifying into Digital Worlds

(50:24)  Moore’s Law of Digital Transformation

(53:38)  The Mission of Athletic Departments

(55:09) Rick’s Billboard of Advice

For more information on the topics covered this episode:

Moore’s Law
Ready Player One

Connect with Rick via email or on Twitter

Read more from Rick

Forever Orange: The Story of Syracuse University
20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro
The Sport Business Handbook: Insights From 100+ Leaders Who Shaped 50 Years of the Industry
Sports Business Unplugged: Leadership Challenges from the World of Sports

Sportico Guest Columns  |  Other Recent Publications 

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Building Athlete Brands and Priming for NIL with Jim Cavale

This episode covers everything from leadership and building a company, to NIL legislation and empowering student-athletes.  Today’s guest is Jim Cavale, Founder and CEO of INFLCR.  With NIL legislation set to go into effect this summer, college athletic departments are facing so many unknowns. Jim and his team recently launched INFLCR Verified and INFLCR Plus, initiatives to help athletic departments and student-athletes proactively prepare for this change and provide them the tools to capitalize on their brand power and voice.

Jim Cavale Show Notes

4:20     Giving Athletes a Better Brand and Voice – Genesis of INFLCR

6:32     Leveraging Relationships and Forging Connections

10:37   Evolution of INFLCR and Partnership with Teamworks

21:31   Inception of INFLCR Verified

27:43   Building an Internal Creative Agency

30:44   From “Athlete Brand Building” to “Name Image Likeness”

33:10   Performers, Producers and Players

37:36   Combating Legislation Paralysis

40:31   Model of Leadership – SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey

43:50   Four Domains of Personal Balance


Additional References
Wake Up Warrior

Connect with Jim
Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn


Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdIn.  Know exactly who’s working in your venue.

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NIL & NFTs w/ Luka Garza

In today’s episode, David is joined by Luka Garza, starting center for the Iowa Hawkeyes,  AP College Basketball Player of the Year, and winner of the 2021 Naismith Trophy. They discuss name, image, and likeness, the launch of Luka’s new NFT company LukaGarzaNFTGroup.io and how Luka hopes to provide opportunities for college athletes to monetize their brand, and the importance of college athletes being able to control their own brand.

Show Notes:

5:11 Digital Engagement Fan Support during 2020-21

6:56 Breaking into the NFT game

10:11  The Experiential Component of NFTs

11:02  The Role of NFTs in NIL

13:38  Launch of LukaGarzaNFT.io

15:10 Takeaways from Luka’s first NFT

17:44  Future partners of LukaGarzaNFTgroup.io 

19:16  Leveraging partnerships to boost student-athlete brands

20:45 The student-athlete perspective on NIL

22:54  Turning NIL from a Zero-Sum game to a Win-Win situation 

Additional Notes:

Follow Luka Garza – 

LukaGarzaNFTGroup.io |  Instagram  |  Twitter

Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdInKnow exactly who’s working in your venue.

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