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41. The Power of Service and Reinvention w/ Brandon Steiner

This episode is a little bit of a throwback. It’s a conversation from the end of July, but we’re airing it now, 3-4 months later. It still holds up tremendously well, as our guest’s message on service and reinvention is timeless.

Our guest today is Brandon Steiner and he’s been in the sports marketing business longer than I’ve been alive. Literally. Brandon was the founder and former CEO of Steiner Sports, which is now owned by Fanatics.  Steiner Sports started out as an effort to pair up athletes with businesses, trying to attract customers; classic sports marketing.

Before long though, the company got into what Brandon is primarily known for, memorabilia. In 2005, Brandon partnered with the Yankees to create Yankees-Steiner collectibles, where Brandon had the rights to license and market a wide variety of game-used items from bats to baseballs, you name it.

From there, he built similar deals with national brands, like the Cowboys, Notre Dame, Madison Square Garden, and many more iconic sports brands. He built a memorabilia empire, creating relationships with thousands of athletes and helping fans get their hands on exclusive items and experiences. Steiner Sports is now owned by Fanatics and Brandon is on a new journey.

Brandon is currently the founder and CEO of CollectibleXchange and The Steiner Agency. We’re going to talk about both of those ventures, among other things. We take a couple of minutes to get going, but pretty quickly we jump into a ton of different topics.

The biggest themes of the episode really revolve around entrepreneurship and how sports and entertainment organizations can ultimately become more entrepreneurial, which is incredibly important right now in this time of the pandemic where everybody’s reinventing. And innovation is key. Brandon is in his sixties now, and starting a second career.

Brandon stresses that it’s never too late for an organization or an individual to learn new skills and start new journeys. We talk about lessons learned from his parents, and we dive into customer service lessons that he’s picked up from serving millions and millions of customers over the years.

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