Ideas to Battle the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has no doubt impacted your organization. While it was extremely difficult to recruit and retain part-time venue workers this Fall, we’re focusing on the impact it’s had on your full-time staff. 

Last week we led a management team retreat with our partners at Penn State Athletics on this topic, and the learnings were too valuable to keep in a vacuum. So we jumped on the podcast with Katie Rudy from our EngageMint team and Christina Gatehouse, Assistant Athletic Director / Human Resources Strategic Partner at Penn State to reflect on the retreat. 

Before the retreat started, we sent out homework for everyone to prepare. The homework was heavy reading. We sent out fifteen of our favorite articles on the topic of the Great Resignation or the Great Resignation; from industry trends, hypotheses on why this phenomenon is happing, and ideas to turn the crisis into opportunity, it was all there. 

Because you’re like family to us, we’ve made a version of that reading list available to you for free to download.

Par for the course, Penn State is leading the college athletics industry, and in the retreat, we bucketed a ton of innovative ideas to better retain our top talent into short-term/mid-term/long-term ideas. The podcast episode is our reflection on that retreat. 

Now go listen to the podcast, do some reading, and take action!  

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96: How to Curb the Great Resignation in Your Organization

The Great Resignation is affecting every industry and every organization.  In collaboration with our partners at Penn State, the EngageMint team recently led a management retreat to discuss the trends and solutions to turn the “Great Attrition” into the “Great Attraction”. 

A more unorthodox episode, David Millay and Katie Rudy host a round table discussion with Christina Gatehouse, Assistant AD for Human Resources at Penn State to share key takeaways from the retreat. 

We break down the most surprising data trends in our research, the impressionable action steps from the retreat and how you could conduct a similar session in your organization.

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