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Finding Your SPARK w/ Simon T. Bailey

Join David and KG as they chat with guest Simon T. Bailey,  a motivational speaker, author, and life coach. Simon’s content revolves around purpose, leadership, and inspiration. David and KG get into Simon’s experiences through these lenses and how it ties into customer service.

Show Notes:

(5:26)  Making Organizations Sizzle: The Power of Leadership, Culture, and Consistency

(6:52)  Culture is not the Mission and Vision statement on the website; it’s what lives in the head and hearts of those doing the work 

(8:35)  How leaders can instill culture and care into an organization

(9:45)  Marrying top leaders’ goals with the goals of customer-facing employees

(12:21) From performance reviews to career investment discussions – Demonstrating genuine care for teams

(15:31) Eliminate the employee survey; Create pulse surveys instead

(19:31) Be the SPARK in your organization

(24:37) Infusing the SPARK in your organization – Identify a champion and chase consistency

(25:14) It’s not Kool-Aid, it’s Culture – Lessons learned from the Ritz-Carlton

(33:17) Say Yes, Now What’s the Question? Simon’s Journey from Days Inn to the Ritz-Carlton

(36:15) Adapting SPARK principles vs. adopting SPARK principles – build your own purpose

(41:21) Facts Tell, Stories Sell 

(44:38) Leading in the remote era – embrace gratitude and the at-home life

(47:31) Corporations don’t have ideas, people do.  Tap into the brilliance in your organization.

Additional Notes:

Connect with Simon T. Bailey and invite him to speak at your organization




Simon’s Books:

Success is an Inside Job

Release Your Brilliance

Shift Your Brilliance

Releasing Leadership Brilliance

Brilliant Living: 31 Insights to Creating an Awesome Life

Find Your Spark

Pulse Surveys:



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