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Converting Passive Viewers into Active Consumers with Jen Rottenberg

Our latest episode features Jen Rottenberg, Chief Marketing Officer for Fan Controlled Football (FCF).  Just as it sounds, this new professional league gave the fans the ability to select everything from team names, colors and logos to the plays that were called on the field during the game.  To make that all happen, data is at the heart of everything FCF does, attracting four uniques audiences and crafting every aspect of the game for active broadcast viewing, as opposed to the traditional emphasis on the in-person experience.  

Show Notes

(4:31) Breaking Down Fan Controlled Football – “Madden in Real Life”

(6:17) The Four Fan Controlled Football Audiences

(10:16) The Viewing Experience on Twitch 

(14:29) The Shift from Passive Consumption to Active Participation

(19:35) If Something Sucks, We’ll Change It…If Something’s Awesome, We Can Make It Better

(23:47) The Leadership Balance of Relinquishing Control

(27:36) The Gamification of Fan Engagement – Fan IQ, Badges and Sponsorship Activation 

(37:30) Idea Creation & Prioritization

(41:56) The In-Person Viewer vs. the Broadcast Viewer

(47:30) What’s Next for Season Two?

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