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42. The Future of Venue Experiences w/ Drew Berst

In today’s episode, David and Kevin talk with Drew Berst about the combination of digital and physical experiences and how to infuse that in your customer experience. How will stadiums utilize their space going forward? With many stadiums transforming and restructuring their format, how can you maintain the culture and tradition while also keeping with the times and adapting to new experiences?  With covid accelerating the demand and structure of sports, how can you balance this all?

Time Stamps:

– Who is Drew Berst?

3:43 – How Raiders are utilizing their 3D printed stadium torch

7:00 – Understanding what history tells us about short term and long term

8:10 – Covid’s biggest fear; people are afraid of people

10:10 – When sports come back you need to offer a new experience

11:14 – Covid is accelerating certain demands in sports

12:51 – What are the positives and innovations of Covid?

13:50 – If sports become more premium, where does that leave the nosebleed fans?

15:53 – How State Farm Arena and the Atlanta Hawks balance the average and premium fans

18:47 – Experience is the center of attention at venues

20:40 – How to optimize the stadium and atmosphere at limited capacity

23:40 – How to approach older stadiums for restructuring and layout while keeping the culture and tradition

27:20 – What does the conversation with executives look like when redesigning traditional stadiums?

30:20 – The success of Dimensional Innovations

32:18 – The Masters and NBA Bubble infusing digital with physical experiences

34:06 – Digital experiences are here to stay

35:27 – How the NHL has approached their season

37:30 – The digitization of experiences from Dimensional Innovations

42:03 – Emotional connections are at the heart of the experience

43:00 – Digitization of consumer experiences

44:30 – How will clients return to communication? Who will stay digital?

45:24 – Future of sponsorships and fan experiences

49:28 – What data needs to be gathered and measured along with what you do with it is changing

50:59 – checking in employees at stadiums is still a hassle; Engagemint’s solution to that: CheckdIn

54:08 – Where can you find more from Drew?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Dimensional Innovations

Dimensional Innovation’s Project with The Raiders

The Master’s allowing fans to order food favorites from Augusta National

The NBA Bubble Digital Fan Experience

CheckdIn by Engagemint

Where to Reach the Guest:

Email – dberst@dimin.com

Twitter – @drewberst

LinkedIn – Drew Berst

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