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108: The Core Principles Driving Employee Motivation w/ Dr. Scott Rigby

Salary increases and rewards have their place, but to inspire connection and tenure with your employees requires more. In this episode, David Millay and Dr. Scott Rigby, Founder and CEO of Immersyve and MotivationWorks, dive into self-determination theory, employees’ three basic needs and the obstacles employers must overcome to motivate their teams long-term.  


Show Notes

2:41   Background on Immersyve 

4:35   Self-Determination Theory

6:33   Motivation Myths

10:00   The Need to Believe

14:12   The Need to Belong

15:21   The Need to Succeed

17:10   Connecting Purpose to Individual Tasks

22:34   Obstacles to Creating a Space of Belonging 

28:49   Overcoming Challenges to Succeed

30:53   Promotions vs. Skill Growth

33:38   The Fundamental Shift in Employee Engagement

38:59   Motivating Employees Working Remotely

42:09   “ROW” Workplaces

44:03    Countering Arguments Against Reward Structures

47:32    Rewards vs. Recognition

51:15    Scott’s Billboard


For more information on the topics covered in this episode:


How to Stop Engagement Benchmarks from Hurting Employee Engagement

Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader by John Rossman

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Ideas to Battle the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has no doubt impacted your organization. While it was extremely difficult to recruit and retain part-time venue workers this Fall, we’re focusing on the impact it’s had on your full-time staff. 

Last week we led a management team retreat with our partners at Penn State Athletics on this topic, and the learnings were too valuable to keep in a vacuum. So we jumped on the podcast with Katie Rudy from our EngageMint team and Christina Gatehouse, Assistant Athletic Director / Human Resources Strategic Partner at Penn State to reflect on the retreat. 

Before the retreat started, we sent out homework for everyone to prepare. The homework was heavy reading. We sent out fifteen of our favorite articles on the topic of the Great Resignation or the Great Resignation; from industry trends, hypotheses on why this phenomenon is happing, and ideas to turn the crisis into opportunity, it was all there. 

Because you’re like family to us, we’ve made a version of that reading list available to you for free to download.

Par for the course, Penn State is leading the college athletics industry, and in the retreat, we bucketed a ton of innovative ideas to better retain our top talent into short-term/mid-term/long-term ideas. The podcast episode is our reflection on that retreat. 

Now go listen to the podcast, do some reading, and take action!  

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96: How to Curb the Great Resignation in Your Organization

The Great Resignation is affecting every industry and every organization.  In collaboration with our partners at Penn State, the EngageMint team recently led a management retreat to discuss the trends and solutions to turn the “Great Attrition” into the “Great Attraction”. 

A more unorthodox episode, David Millay and Katie Rudy host a round table discussion with Christina Gatehouse, Assistant AD for Human Resources at Penn State to share key takeaways from the retreat. 

We break down the most surprising data trends in our research, the impressionable action steps from the retreat and how you could conduct a similar session in your organization.

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McKinsey: How companies can turn the Great Attrition into the Great Attraction
EngageMint: Understanding the Great Resignation and What You Can Do About It

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Lessons from Leaders – Dr. Paul White

In this “Great Resignation” movement, employees are seeking roles where they feel valued and appreciated.  This week, we sat down with Dr. Paul White to learn more effective tactics for showing employees appreciation.  Dr. White co-wrote “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” with Dr. Gary Coleman, who authored the relationship book, “The 5 Love Languages”.  

The 5 Languages are the same – Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Tangible Gifts and Physical Touch – but the application is different. What’s important is understanding that not everyone wants to be recognized or shown appreciation in the same way.  Do you have teammates that don’t like public attention?  Maybe there are minimalists on your team that don’t want “tokens of appreciation.”

To show genuine appreciation for your staff, here are three steps to get started:

Appreciate the Person, Not Just Their Work – (3:23)

Typically, when organizations implement recognition programs they are centered around performance – meeting or exceeding sales goals, going above and beyond on a specific project, etc.  However, recognition and appreciation are not the same thing.  Employees “want to be valued as a person, not just for what they get done.”  While completing the work is important, demonstrating appreciation for your staff starts with letting them know that who they are and what they bring to your team matters more.

Learn Your Team’s Desired Language of Appreciation – (9:09)

Showing someone you appreciate them in a way that’s personal to them isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  It just takes that extra step to let people know you are thinking of them.  It’s not just about saying “good job,” but letting them know specifically what they did that was great and why it was important to the team, the company or the client.  If you are ordering food, know what their go-to donut or Chick-fil-A order is and get it without even asking.  

Encourage Your Staff to Show Appreciation to Each Other – (26:03)

Gestures of appreciation don’t have to just emanate from leaders.  People largely don’t just work for managers.  Most of the time they are part of a team and they want to know that they are valued on the team too.  It starts from the top down, but it’s just as important for teammates to communicate that their daily life would be tougher without each other serving the roles they do.  

It just takes one handwritten note or one intentional thank you to get started. To learn more about appreciation, check out Dr. Paul White’s book.  You can also email him at yesdrpaul@gmail.com with the subject “Flip the Switch” to receive a free copy of his expanded Motivating By Appreciation report ($25 value) and a discount code to purchase the Appreciation evaluation.

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Uncovering The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace w/ Dr. Paul White

The “Great Resignation” or “Great Migration” has incited a movement by employees to find roles where they feel valued and appreciated.  But not everyone wants to be recognized or shown appreciation in the same way.  In this episode, David sits down with Dr. Paul White, author of “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace”, to talk about how to show appreciation for your staff in ways that are meaningful to them.  

Show Notes

2:55     Refocusing on Employee Engagement 

5:18      The Great Resignation or the Great Migration?

6:26      Recognize the Person, Not Just Their Work

8:41      Foundation for 5 Languages of Appreciation book

10:14   Words of Affirmation

12:39   Quality Time

13:55   Acts of Service

15:28   Tangible Gifts

17:28   Physical Touch

18:58   Learning Your Team’s Desired Language of Appreciation

21:33   Appreciation is NOT the Same as Recognition

24:08   The Correlation Between Profitability and Appreciation

26:19   Encouraging Appreciation Among Colleagues

28:24   Financial Impact of Replacing Employees

32:02   Generational Preferences in Recognition

35:21   3 Priority Groups to Recognize

36:47   Recognizing Underperforming Staff

42:59   Counter Opinions in Appreciation

45:15   Creative Demonstrations of Appreciation

For more on topics covered in this episode:

5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman

Appreciation @ Work  |  Blog 

The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

True Cost of Replacing an Employee

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