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Making Swag Easy w/ Jeremy Parker

In today’s episode, David sits down with guest Jeremy Parker, Co-Founder and CEO at Swag.com.  With the attitude of learning as you go and reinventing your space, Jeremy discusses his journey in founding Swag.com and the ideas and concepts behind customer pain points.

(4:41)Defining “Swag”

(5:50)Jeremy’s journey from film major to Swag.com

(9:11)The challenges of the licensing landscape in college athletics

(11:44)How could we reinvent the collegiate licensing business?

(14:35)Just get it out the door – launch the product and learn

(17:17)Differentiating the product buying experience

(23:15)Prioritizing feature upgrades based on customer feedback

(25:00)Removing barriers from the check-out process

(27:44)Behind the domain “Swag.com”

(31:50)Swag.com’s pandemic pivot – the focus on distribution

(34:58)Where is the promotional industry going?

(41:23)Quality over quantity – make products that resonate rather than walking billboards

(47:39)You never know until you try

(50:47)Giving customers confidence in the e-Commerce buying process

Additional References:

Tees and Tats and Mark Cuban
Chatbots mentioned

Connect with Jeremy:

Email: jeremy@swag.com

LinkedIn: Jeremy Parker

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