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College Leaders | Dreaming Big with DePaul’s DeWayne Peevy

Flip the Switch is all about uncovering the latest trends in sports and entertainment and the experiments organizations are running.  Working alongside college athletic departments has inspired a new series: Flip the Switch – College Leaders.  Joining David on the show will be senior leaders who are transforming the industry, setting the trends and paving new trails.  

Our first guest of the series is DeWayne Peevy, Vice President and Director of Athletics at DePaul University.  Peevy became AD in September of 2020, after 12 years at Kentucky, including the last 7 as Deputy AD.  

In this episode, DeWayne shares his experience from the first 10 months in the role, lessons from his past that have influenced his leadership style today and the vision he has for DePaul, recently announced through the department’s new “Dream Big” strategic plan.

Show Notes:

(6:41)  The First Ten Months 

(7:50)  Building the Bigger University Brand 

(10:47) NIL & Launching Legacy 

(17:22) The 5 Pillars of DePaul’s Strategic Plan 

(21:50)  Challenging Your Team to Meet Your Vision

(31:18)  What Would I Want My Leader to Do?

(37:26)  Learning through Adversity – Biggest Lessons in DeWayne’s Career 

(45:16)  Building the Circle of Trust and Transparency

(55:41)  DeWayne’s Billboard: Dream Big

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko7tG2-7E3A

For more information on the topics covered this episode:
DePaul’s Strategic Plan
LEGACY – An Immersive Entrepreneurship & Brand Development Program

Connect with DeWayne on Twitter or LinkedIn

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