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NIL & NFTs w/ Luka Garza

In today’s episode, David is joined by Luka Garza, starting center for the Iowa Hawkeyes,  AP College Basketball Player of the Year, and winner of the 2021 Naismith Trophy. They discuss name, image, and likeness, the launch of Luka’s new NFT company LukaGarzaNFTGroup.io and how Luka hopes to provide opportunities for college athletes to monetize their brand, and the importance of college athletes being able to control their own brand.

Show Notes:

5:11 Digital Engagement Fan Support during 2020-21

6:56 Breaking into the NFT game

10:11  The Experiential Component of NFTs

11:02  The Role of NFTs in NIL

13:38  Launch of LukaGarzaNFT.io

15:10 Takeaways from Luka’s first NFT

17:44  Future partners of LukaGarzaNFTgroup.io 

19:16  Leveraging partnerships to boost student-athlete brands

20:45 The student-athlete perspective on NIL

22:54  Turning NIL from a Zero-Sum game to a Win-Win situation 

Additional Notes:

Follow Luka Garza – 

LukaGarzaNFTGroup.io |  Instagram  |  Twitter

Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdInKnow exactly who’s working in your venue.

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Flip the Switch

Shifting Perspectives for Customer-Centric Marketing w/ Elisa Padilla

On today’s episode, David and KG are joined by guest Elisa Padilla, former Senior Vice President, Creative Strategy & Partnership Marketing for Roc Nation, and former Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Miami Marlins. Elisa, David, and KG talk about customer-centric marketing and how the way you lead and the perspectives you shift allow you to achieve it more successfully. 

Show Notes:

(06:52) Infusing the Jay-Z “Star” mentality from “Street to Seat”

(10:51) Walking the walk over and over again – creating sensory experiences in Barclays Center

(14:28) Refining the customer journey experience for personas and current trends 

(16:55) Apple’s obsession with details

(21:53) Changing perspectives to change processes 

(24:06) The 360 degree approach to the customer experience

(28:20) Reflecting the town culture in the game day experience

(29:40) The hybrid model of engagement – evoking emotion to drive action

(33:38) Leveraging digital revenue streams and expanding the fandom

(39:11) Monetizing the storyline – lessons learned from Trapital and Drake

(41:00) Takeaways from Roc Nation Unified

(43:55) Flipping the narrative – “KickItByEP“

(52:05) The Disney Influence on Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment

(53:50) Elisa’s Friday Leaders Walk

(59:20) Lead with empathy and compassion

Additional Resources:

Dan Runcie – Drake’s Best Year


Elisa’s favorite episode – KickItByEP with Katrina Palanca

Where to Reach the Guest:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisa-padilla/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/eprican?s=20

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kickitbyep/?hl=en

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