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The Customer Experience Playbook w/ Jonathan Daniels

Jonathan Daniels, Co-Founder and Director of CX Brussels, joins us on today’s episode as we go over the various steps of the “ICON Process” from his book The Customer Experience Playbook. Consisting of Initiate, Co-Create, Operationalize, and Nourish, David and Jonathan breakdown a customer experience transformation to its core and show how these fundamental CX steps can be leveraged as a growth strategy for your business.

Time Stamps:

(4:45) Who is Jonathan and CX Brussels?

(7:47) Trends in CX conversations outside of the U.S.

(12:15) Digital transformations and the transitions in between

(16:10) The Customer Experience Playbook – ICON Process


(19:50) Keys of a governance structure for customer centricity

(22:48) Power of the voice of the customer and ROI

(26:45) The importance of detailed goals to become customer-centric


(30:37) Focusing on co-creation after measurement of CX growth

(33:33) Incorporating employees in co-creation is necessary


(36:40) Making sure to operationalize and add standards


(39:52) Reinvesting and implementing changes and improvements to your CX transformation

(42:19) The toughest aspect of the ICON process

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Customer Experience Playbook by Jonathan Daniels

CX Centric – https://cx-centric.com/

CX Conversations – https://www.cx-centric-training.com/conversations

Where To Reach the Guest:

LinkedIn – Jonathan Daniels

Twitter – @mrdansoultions

Email – jonathan@cx-centric.com

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