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College Leaders | The Importance of Strategic Planning and Core Values w/ Colorado’s Rick George

This week’s special College Leaders segment features Rick George, Athletic Director at University of Colorado.  Rick had a rather unorthodox path to the big chair, taking on roles with the PGA Champions Tour and the Texas Rangers’ Front Office before returning to the collegiate industry with Colorado in 2013.  Throughout this episode, Rick and David discuss Colorado’s strategic plans, its “RAPID” core values and the importance of incremental revenue generation.  

Show Notes

(2:56) The Path Less Traveled to the Big Chair

(6:49) Erasing “Dark” Days & Creating “Folsom Field Events” 

(10:15) Rebranding the Texas Rangers & Revenue Generation

(13:54) Colorado’s Strategic Plan & Core Values

(21:42) Frameworks for Leading through Change

(24:17) Building Your Team

(27:45) Core Factors in Conference Realignment

(30:44) The NIL Impact on College Athletics

(35:40) Colorado’s Relationship with SportsBet 

(39:29) Leaders Who Have Impacted Rick

(41:46) Learning From Failure

(45:44) Providing Constructive Feedback

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