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105: Storytelling and Personifying a Brand Voice w/ Amie Kiehn

In this episode, we are joined by Amie Kiehn, Social Leader and Head of Community for Gondola.  During Amie’s time with the Carolina Panthers, she cultivated a brand personality across their social media platforms with a voice known for its wit and snark.  Rather than just focusing on events, Amie and her team connected with fans by listening to the community and experimenting with creative content and comments on other viral posts. 

We cover everything from brand personas, content calendars (or lack thereof), understanding the creative process and “work-life balance.”

Show Notes

3:56       Punking Her Way Into Social Media 

8:31       Humanizing the Panthers’ Social Voice 

13:16    Prioritizing Social Content and Saying No

17:15     What Content Calendar?

19:49     Just Try It!

32:43     Misunderstood Aspects of the Creative World

35:08     Content Creators are Your Brand Ambassadors

40:28     That Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

46:32     Parting Advice: Managing Creatives

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Shout out to Neil Larson, Detroit Lions (Twitter | LinkedIn)

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