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100: Coaching to Success from the Boardroom to the Football Field w/ Joe Moglia

A perfect fit for our 100th episode, guest Joe Moglia brings best practices and leadership insights from a unique career in football and the private sector.  Joe spent 16 years as a coach, became a business leader for Merrill Lynch and TD Ameritrade and served as CEO of TD Ameritrade for 7 years, before heading back to the football field to be head coach at Coastal Carolina.  He currently holds the titles of Chair of Athletics and Executive Director for Football for Coastal Carolina.  This episode covers his “BAM” leadership philosophy, the current state of college athletics and how it can better align with the business world.  

Show Notes

4:02   What is an Executive Director for Football?

6:23    Joe’s “BAM” philosophy

9:16    Enforcing Standards & Accountability

16:28    Providing the Right Incentives

19:20    Creating Non-Traditional Incentives

21:56    Operating the NCAA like Corporate America

30:38    Designing a new Athletic Department

34:23    Responsibilities vs. Titles

37:55    Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations

39:55    Adapting Leadership Styles to Learning Styles

47:26    Prioritizing Workloads

52:10    Joe’s Favorite Mentors

55:31    Learning from Failure

58:54    Joe’s Billboard


For more leadership insights from Joe Moglia, visit Moglia.com and check out his books:

Coach Yourself to Success: Winning the Investment Game

The Perimeter Attack Offense: The Key to Winning Football

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